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                Baoding Shuangying agricultural machinery limited liability company (the original Baoding Agricultural Machinery Factory) was founded in 1954, has a long history, is China's production of farming machinery of key enterprises, executive director of the unit China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association, moldboard plow industry elite team, a group of skilled, experienced professional backbone. The leading products of our company and mouldboard plough soil moisture, with 270 horsepower or supporting the use of tractors.

                In recent years, after in-depth market research, our company take the lead in developing a reversible plow types and deep tillage machine, according to the regional features of northeast area, and developed with big horsepower tractor semi suspension deep loosening plough, which filled the domestic blank of large semi suspension subsoiler plow.

                The company passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, over the years, always adhere to the "advance with the times, innovation, integrity first, quality first" philosophy, the products are exported to all over the country, by the majority of customers praise.

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